The Lahore Museum


This UI / UX project represents my website design and web development abilities using Webflow. The Lahore Museum is a website rebranding of the cultural institution based in Pakistan. My goal for this project was to give The Lahore Museum an up-to-date web presence similar to other established museums.

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In addition to desktop, a mobile version of the website was also developed.

The audiences for this project are local residents, foreign tourists and historians who wish to visit the institution to learn more about the rich history of South Asia.  

I discovered The Lahore Museum’s current website hasn’t been updated since 2013. Around this time, new historical institutions were cropping up in Pakistan that sought to modernize the museum-going experience. This project was an opportunity to envision this long established institution as part of this renewed interest in the history of the region.

Example screens from the desktop version of the website.

As research for this project, I performed a visual audit of the web presence of various well-renowned museums across the world to get a sense of what is standard or expected of a modern website of this kind. These were then brought into a visual langugage that best represented the historical and cultural relevance of the institution in South Asia.

Example screens from the mobile verison of the website.
Scroll: The "Home" page gives viewers a snapshot of current and upcoming showcases and events at the museum.
Scroll: The "About" page dives deep into the history surrounding the museum.
Scroll: The "Exhibitions and Events" page provides viewers information about the past, present and future showcases.
Scroll: The "Collections" page lets viewers explore many of the Museums prized collections of Buddhist, Ghandara and Islamic art.
Scroll: A snapshot of what a viewer may see when exploring the page detailing the Museum's Ghandara collection.
Scroll: To learn more information about the Museum's hours and location, viewers can plan and buy tickets at the "Visit" page."
Wireframes made in Figma for the desktop version of the website.
Wireframes made in Figma for the mobile verison of the website.
Scroll: The mobile version of the website retains the same visual language whilst adapting the layout for smaller touch enabled screens.