Branding / Visual Design / Spatial

This rebranding project is linked to my interest in exploring brand design in spatial contexts. This project aimed to develop a space-as-service application that offers audiences pods for rent that are outfitted with audio-visual technology to enhance their working experience. It exhibits my ability to learn and use new tools and techniques to best realize design directions.

My main inspiration for Grüv's design direction was synesthesia, an uncommon phenomenon where the brain processes one sense stimulation in the form of another, such as seeing color when hearing a sound. I saw representing sound visually as an exciting challenge that I accomplished through this visual system.

The 3 different modes of work—Momentum, Focus and Calm respectively—made distinct through their use of color and pattern.
Momentum is about getting into and setting a rhythm whereupon work can begin. This is represented through lines that modulate from rounded to straight.
Focus keeps one's mind on track on the task at hand. This is represented with straight lines in conjunction with a color palette leaning towards warmer, active colors.
Calm is for managing feelings and emotions; work can be stressful, so music can have a soothing effect to help one to keep going.This is represented with wave-like lines in conjunction with cooler, calming colors.        
Through the Grüv mobile app, one can search for pods available in their area. Upon selection of a pod, the user can schedule when and for how long they wish to use it. Smart watch functionality can remind one of upcoming pod appointments.
The screens of the Grüv app were developed to demonstrate both the user's journey as well as the visual system in action.

Grüv's Pods are lightweight, prefabricated structures designed for portability to ensure it can be located close to office spaces and college campuses. Any given Pod has two units. When one schedules time at a Pod unit through the app, they can use their device to access it.

Exterior render of the pod unit, showcasing how it would look in a campus environment.
The door to each pod unit features a screen that features a looping attract mode, showcasing to people passing by the benefits of working in a rented Grüv pod.
Interior render of a pod unit, showcasing it's spaciousness.

Each Pod unit is furnished with a desk, chair and shelving for bags. This minimalist approach reduces clutter, allowing for users to focus on what's important to them. Soundproof paneling behind the desk ensures the music from a unit doesn't disturb anyone occupying the opposite space. One can also see the different preset lighting options users can set through the application when inside the pod.

A cubby with a space to store bags and basic amenities like coffee and tea. The shape of the pod's items are reminiscent of the shape of the pod unit, tying it to the overall design system.
The Grüv app allows for a customizable working experience through preset or manual modifications to music and lighting.

When using a Pod, users can customize their experience,particularly the music playing. The options and textures available to users are based on whether they wish to build a rhythm, remain focused or manage stress. The lighting of the pod can also be adjusted to suit the user’s needs and mood. Options include a color wheel, different light temperatures as well as presets based on different times of day and moods.

Split panoramic view from the desk, showcasing how the pod looks like in the Momentum, Focus and Calm lighting settings.

In addition to the main app and pod, the design system is also applicable to secondary brand elements such as notebooks, mugs and apparel. Note how they make use of the brand's established design system.